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Why do Experts Recommend blogging with WordPress?

Over 40% of websites are on WordPress


When I wanted to write for fun, I didn’t know where to start. Then I contacted a friend of mine, geeky guy; he works as a DBA somewhere in town with extensive knowledge of Databases and the Internet and management, and he taught IT. He immediately advised that I should set up a blog on WordPress.com. He was willing to help manage the technical part at a small fee of course. I agreed, and I bought a domain and then paid hosting fees. He did everything and told me, “Moses, you’re ready to go” I didn’t understand anything, but I just started.

I love aesthetics on my site. The last couple of years I changed my blog theme over ten times. I tried tens of plugins some which crushed my blog. Bruce was there to bring it back again. I was hacked once, and he did his magic, and I was back online again.

I once used the official default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve and then turned to several other themes that I forgot how they look before landing on the currently paid theme. The theme has never disappointed. Bruce thinks I have become master over the years and my website looks better than it was three years ago. He admits that I am better than him.

There has been a fair share of disappointments, though. On some occasions, my website has been offline. I don’t spend the entire day on the site, but I have a watchman

Jetpack plugin sends you that mail immediately your site behaves funny

monitoring my website 24/7. The watchman is Jetpack plugin by Automattic, the same guys running WordPress. Every time my website is down; I get notified through an email then I quickly get in touch with my webmaster, Bruce, to fix it.

It takes time before the issue is fixed and during this time I know I lose valuable visitors to my site. Furthermore its bad web experience for returning visitors to find the landing page offline. It is disappointing to me when I want to update the site and I cannot.

Jetpack plugins come free of charge to help you access over 165 themes, Brute force attack protection alongside secure logins for your website. All these for absolutely no fee.

Jetpack paid plans solves all other webmaster issues for you

Subscribing to Jetpack paid plans comes with security guarding against malicious sign-ins, automated backup for the entire website as well as automatic scanning for the safety threats. If you are interested in safeguarding your business you can compare the prices charged for various services offered.

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