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Why I blocked hostgator and bluehost ads


One of the major means of earning online is affiliate programs. I applied for several including hostgator. If you don’t know what hostgator is, then you need to read the basics of affiliate marketing. I haven’t sold anything and I am not trying to promote, I am helping myself to earn more.

Now you know that you need to have AdSense on your blog because it costs to own a website. So to continue creating content and posting online, you need to have source of income. Some bloggers get income from direct ads. It is easier and more direct but advertisers would want proof that you have followers on your blog and sufficient page views. This is not easy for novice bloggers like me.

Hostgator realizes that I am interested in affiliate marketing and then they allow me in. I know that this the works of google bots. I get an account and before I set up my own ads, AdSense ads are displaying hostgator and bluehost ads. How do you sell when your viewers go direct to homepages and transact. The only thing I thought wise is to go to Google AdSense control dashboard and block these landing pages.

The moment these ads were not showing on my website than I knew I was guaranteed my visitor will know about these products through my affiliate links. Then I can earn from that.