When you set up a new blog, or website for that matter the chances that you will appear high up in the ranks is so minimal. My website disappeared in the millions of websites online and could not even be ranked. What always happen when I searched for my blog on alexa is that there was no sufficient information about my website. It was simply nowhere.

This was also characterized by low income generated from it and this kept me from quitting my sales job at a bank. That’s right, I started a blog to quit employment. The challenge of growing up doing things for fun

I have hurdles in my life that I had to jump over. Do you know that I did not even know my name when I joined pre-school in 1993? My grandmother did not know my second name either. So I fixed everything for myself. Now my blog earns averagely $0.1everyday and is over 5M among similar websites worldwide. This is called a starting point. Even when my wife got a job and earned two times my salary I never worried, I was okay with it, because I know women are bad spenders so she will always need me. This is what I call a starting point.

The most successful bloggers in the world today have been blogging for at least eight years. I have never seen a serious blog in Kenya older than that, possibly the highest earning online businesses in Kenya are newsrooms, because they create real high quality content that users want to engage to.

Ho to become a good Kenyan blogger

When users leave social media, that is Facebook, twitter and the likes, the next stopping point is blogs. Blogs are known to be influential and providing information to people? Business that do not have online presence today are doomed to fail. If you are in business and do not have  basic information online about your location, contacts and what you do, then prepare yourself for closure.  Online users admit to search for information about a product online before making an actual purchase.

A website is a personal brand. For instance there is one particular user in Germany who has faithfully been reading my blog. There is another one in Canada and I suspect these are people I have met before. They want to know know how I am fairing without having to bother me with long phone calls. They just have to read my blog.

there is one particular user in Germany who has faithfully been reading my blog.

People use smartphones these days and if you want to reach out to consumers in Kenyan you need to have an internet plan. Earlier I shared why you need a cellphone in Kenya for you to operate smoothly. I college roommate @kanyimbomasongo shared with me how he was paid through M-pesa from a bank in the US. That is how powerful mobile phones have become in this country. And that is why you need a mobile strategy in reaching out to many of the users in Kenyan economy.