The phone rings…. For a while. I wait patiently and anxiously… It has been weeks since the HR manager promised to reach out to me with a verdict. He said it would take a week. I had to get back to them. You understand, right?

Oh someone picks up the call from the other end…

“Halloo, thank you for calling you HF, my name is ca…” I didn’t get her name. I was not interested in knowing her name.

“Please pass me to your human resources please” I made a quick request. I don’t have airtime to waste on uneconomical arguments whose outcome: I was sure; would wipe out my chances of placement. The best to do is talk less, listen more.

The call was transferred, I waited again. This time round, there were commercials were running from the other end. Some lady bragging on how the company had been such a savior, messiah bluh! Bluh! Bluh! Who cares, this is new millennium friends? I don’t.

There was a heavier voice that picked up the call. “Hallo HR, Kelvin speaking”

What ran through my mind? “Thank you for being brief and precise. I don’t much airtime. Are you employing me or not? I got offers elsewhere”

What I said, “Hallo Kelvin, My name is Moses I was interviewed four weeks ago. I haven’t had any response from you. I had to call.”

“Moses, would you wait I confirm something, just hold.” He said really concern about me.

“What the censored word?” I tried to be as courteous as possible but I was just conscious of my airtime.

The voice tried to reach out on a colleague. “Just received a call from a candidate, do you have any feedback I can give him? He is Moses”

“OH, that guy. He is totally overeducated and massively underworked. We are still not sure whether to accept him for this role or not. Just tell him to wait a little longer!”

I heard everything and I hang up. How do I listen to that crap again only that it is in reported speech? I was sure he will be nicer and try to apologize for taking long. He would probably sweeten the words a little bit showing me remorse and try to give me false hope. Where is the next employer?