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WP Engine Hosting Review


The internet has opened incredible opportunities for businesses. A new blogger just needs to know how to tap into this goldmine and drive sales and revenues. Consumers are turning to search engines for information about products and services.

Therefore business need a proper plan while making a move for online customers. There are important considerations to take while setting up an online presence. First, the security of both the business and the customers.

Second, a company will need a hosting partner with reputation, technology, and resources to avert threats that are imminent on the web. It is interesting to note that WPEngine hosting has 5% of online world visits a website hosted by WP Engine.To help businesses in making a better-informed decision while going online, here is a WPEngine hosting review to consider.

More than half of active websites run on WordPress.

About 24Million websites.In this WPEngine hosting review, we keep in mind the need to have a content management system that is reliable and trusted worldwide. WordPress is arguably the best in the market.

WPEngine Hosting has partnered with WordPress to give businesses premium service at affordable rates. Did you know that blogs are the second most visited online properties after social media? Now, that reiterates the need for your business to have a blog for informational purposes.

Otherwise, companies should consider having a website that showcases the products and services that it offers. E-commerce is gaining foot and not long, consumers will order online and goods are delivered at their doorstep.

91% of smartphone users turn to their devices for ideas before making buying decisions.

As much as it is easier for modern business to decide to have a website or an app, either informational purposes of drive sales, older business tends to shy away from this new technological reality.

Online presence is of paramount importance. Not just because the competition is digitized, but because customers are online. For any business to stay relevant, it may need to distinguish itself with an informative blog.

89% of marketers in the United States reported an increase in the revenues after personalization of their websites and Apps.

For any business that seeks to grow its boundaries beyond borders, there is no cheaper way than stamping some level of authority online.

Trends show that consumers trust companies with an online presence and are likely to buy if they find the location of the business and contacts. WPEngine hosting packages offer to help your business visible online with guaranteed monthly visits depending on a plan of choice.

Finally, Google data shows that 53% of mobile site users will abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds.

Any business needs to have an effective hosting partner will little to worry about downtime or slow server response.WP Engine hosting has over 60,000 customers spread across 120 countries.

The company is trusted by superbrands including national geographic, readers digest among others. With a sixty-day money back guarantee, WPEngine Hosting distinguishes itself as a customer-centric organization that prides itself as a three-time Stevie Award winner for best customer service and support.