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You will NEVER forget your umbrella after reading this



I once heard a saying that insurance sells you an umbrella when its hot and takes it away when it rains. I thought about it…but its a discussion for another article.
Umbrellas are the most vital yet vulnerable to scarcity in our memory. We oftenly forget to pick them up while waiting on somebody, when alighting from a matatu, after having a meal among other scenarios.

Why do we easily forget our umbrellas while we effortlessly remember our purses, laptop bags and other belonging? That I dont know. Reason being am also a victim of the same circumstance. However am going to show you how you can remmember to carry your umbrella with you especially during this rainy season.


One of the best and surest way is buying a small umbrella that can be folded easily to fit in a bag. This way you will always put the umbrella in the bag. Next time its raining you are confident that you carried it. This should be a habit. Carry the umbrella in your bag whether its raining or not.

So guys are asking, dude whats up with the bags? We don’t carry them, unless it’s a laptop bag or a bag full of cash. Don’t worry I got your backs. With this cold weather get a patner. MARRY!! This way the bag mystery will be solved. Let her accompany you to work and carry the umbrellas.

Ultimately learning the hard way can teach us a lesson. When the rains beat you properly never again will one forget an umbrella.
Next time you need insurance make right choices. Get it from a firm that will give you an umbrella whether its raining or its not.